To buy a house in the Czech Republic

Why is it profitable to buy house in the Czech Republic?

To buy a house in the Czech Republic is an excellent solution for business development and obtaining a stable high income. The government has created favorable conditions for the acquisition of a real estate by both local and foreign entrepreneurs. Of course, the key factor in trusting the local real estate market is the high development of the country’s economy. After joining the EU, the Czech Republic gradually transformed into one of the strongest players in Central Europe. Low inflation allows the business to grow successfully and attracts foreign investors.

Do not forget that the Czech Republic is a tourist country. Every year people come here from different parts of the world to look at local historical sites, relax in ski resorts and get acquainted with the culture of modern Prague, Brno and other cities. Due to this, the demand for short-term rental housing is growing. Equally, high demand remains for both hotel reservations and small hostels. Due to high demand, the rental price rises quarterly by 10-15%. This trend is characteristic for all regions of the country, including the suburbs.

What benefits do you get from buying a house in the Czech Republic?

Having your own home in the Czech Republic provides great opportunities for everyone. Given the stable growth of the economy, a high level of solvency of the population, buying a home is a profitable investment in the future. Buying housing in the Czech Republic, you get the following benefits:

  • high profit: in the Czech Republic, housing profitability per year is 6-7%, which is almost 2 times higher than in other European countries. You can buy a house for the purpose of the subsequent lease to long-term rentals to local people and tourists. You can also resell housing in a few years when the market value rises to its peak.
  • obtaining a Schengen visa: according to Czech law, every property owner receives a Schengen visa. This is especially true for entrepreneurs who plan to enter the international market with their company and are interested in free access to Schengen countries.

In the Czech Republic, both primary and secondary housing are in equally high demand. If you find it difficult to choose a territorial location, look for a comfortable price segment for yourself and would like to make a purchase legally correct, you can always contact our company.

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