investment in real estate in the Czech Republic

Where to invest to get a steady income?

Many start-up entrepreneurs are thinking about where to invest to get a stable income. Now there are many options on the market, ranging from investing in cryptocurrency and ending with the opening of microfinance organizations. Despite this, the real estate market continues to be the most promising. Experts predict an increase in the interest of entrepreneurs in this segment due to its stability.

Investing in real estate in the Czech Republic is a great solution that opens up great financial opportunities. On average, renting a residential property for long-term rent brings owners up to 7% per annum. Thus, investments in residential or commercial real estate can be the main source of income. Also, favorable conditions have been created in the Czech Republic for the development of the investment market, including a loyal bank lending policy for foreign entrepreneurs.

Investing in real estate in the Czech Republic: which directions are the most profitable?

To get a “winning ticket” and invest in a fast-paying object, we recommend that you pay attention to trends that are characteristic of the economy market as a whole. The Czech Republic is the business center of Central Europe; many foreign companies have a representative office here. The last few years have also become the peak of the development and scaling of IT companies, e-commerce organizations, and insurance companies. That is why, in the Czech Republic there are a large number of potential customers who are interested in renting office space.

Thus, the acquisition of office space is the key to obtaining a stable income due to the great demand among startups and large companies. You can rent a room for a long term. Leading realtors also note an increase in demand for short-term rental premises, ranging from several months to several weeks. This rental format is popular among foreign startups that test their product in the Czech market.

The following types of real estate are also profitable:

  • residential objects: due to the large flow of tourists, rental apartments are in demand in the central regions of the country, resort towns. You can purchase both secondary housing and real estate in a new building.
  • retail premises: rental of premises for retail trade is very popular. There is also a demand for short-term rental of the so-called modular shopping pavilions.
  • service facilities: annually the owners of cafes, restaurants, hotels in the Czech Republic receive up to 9% nailed.
  • alternative types of investment: this area is still relatively free. It includes multi-family houses, hostels, cinemas, fitness centers.

Thus, investment in real estate in the Czech Republic has a quick payback due to favorable conditions in the local market. We can always help you with the choice of real estate for investment, based on your financial capabilities and goals.

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