The Czech Republic — the investor`s safe harbour

Every investor comes across the question of where he should invest and buy real estate to succeed. Purchasing a property is the easiest way to invest money abroad. One can invest in different kinds of real estate: residential, commercial, warehouses, and others. It depends on the amount of money one possesses, whether you invest in something enormously expensive or more affordable.

Nowadays the world community cannot associate the Czech Republic with the post-Soviet state. The country is likely to equal to Germany. Its capital, Prague, has become the European downtown of a diversity of international companies. Their offices are located here.

Investors should be aware of the fact that it is advantageous to purchase residential real estate, for instance, in Brno or Plzen. In these cities, there are high average salaries. What is more, there are situated offices of large companies from all over the world.

Speaking about commercial real estate investments in the Czech Republic, it is among the completely reliable traditional investments. It possesses a yield of about 5-9% per annum. Experts emphasize that those who have some “free” money, and who always think that it would be a great idea to have a “pillow of safety” in a calm thriving European country without officials, banditry and overall rudeness, are able to start putting down roots in the Czech Republic, doing business in the home country. Here people can enjoy a peaceful unhurried life, have guarantees for the health support and future of their children, work for their own pleasure and use their money, which is well protected from unpredictable situations.

The matter is that the real estate prices increase, which was noticed in recent years (on average about 20% per year), has always been substantially connected to the objective economic situation in the Czech Republic. The world community stresses that the economy of the country grew at a rate of 5–6% per year, the average wages

doubled over 5 years, the rate of the Czech koruna grew steadily. Furthermore, mortgages were absolutely approachable (4–5% per year).

Both economic stability and the prices` attractiveness show that nowadays the Czech Republic is one of the most profitable countries to invest in its real estate.

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