Investing in Prague real estate

Real estate market analysis in Prague

Investing in Prague real estate is one of the most discussed “topics” among investors from around the world. The evidence that that local real estate objects bring high profits to their owner’s fuels interest from entrepreneurs. According to the latest data, the bulk of foreign investment among other large cities and capitals of European countries is concentrated in the capital of the Czech Republic.

Market analysis shows that demand for Prague residential real estate continues to grow rapidly. In connection with the active development of tourism, a very popular area is short-term rental housing. On average, this business allows the investor to consistently receive 5-7% of income per year. That is why experts clearly see two trends here: this is the presence of great competition among investors and the increase in the cost of paying for rental housing.

The real estate market also has tangible changes. In Prague, the so-called alternative assets are gradually gaining popularity. These are houses that are purchased by investors to open hostels or joint living centers. This housing is aimed at students, tourists or families who cannot purchase an apartment because of their high cost.

Investing in Prague real estate: what are the most profitable objects?

Experts predict a sharp increase in investment in alternative types of real estate amid fierce competition in the traditional segment of real estate. An alternative type of housing allows investors to reduce the cost of improving the property and is the key to long-term income streams.

Analysis of the real estate market in Prague also shows that the following objects have a high and quick payback:

  • office premises: both office premises in elite business centers and class B premises are in great demand. The average rental rate is from €16 to €25 per square meter per month.
  • horeca: owners of cafes, restaurants, cinemas steadily receive an income of 6-7%.
  • shopping and entertainment centers: in connection with the active development of tourism and leisure, large-format shops, entertainment centers are very popular among consumers. Due to this, these objects are profitable.

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