Real estate in the Czech Republic

The situation on real estate market is permanently varying. It`s almost impossible for one to clearly predict it for more than a couple of years. This only means it is up to entrepreneurs and companies to overcome that two or three extra miles in case they want to be aware and stay ahead of the competition.

Nowadays real estate landscape shows that clients can`t trust implicitly their agents. A personalized experience is acknowledged to become the most indispensable and valuable kind of skill to possess. Today`s market claims that one should be up to date on the recent tendencies and opportunities in order not to waste the time and patience of both customers and owners.

The intensive expansion of online real estate information facilitates the customer`s possibility to become well-informed while just deciding on either buying or selling a property. Nevertheless, the digital revolution hasn`t affected the significance of selecting the right real estate company which would cooperate with you honestly and responsibly.

Speaking about real estate in the Czech Republic, we should emphasize even minor modification in the economy. Although there was a strong economic growth of productivity in Q4 2017, the beginning of 2018 represents a deceleration.

Our specialists concluded that this growth had been substantially resulting from investment by native companies and household consumption. What is more, the preceding growth was driven by different reasons such as industrial production.

The lack of investment opportunities on the market is one of the drivers behind significant year on year investment volume decline in spite of that the Czech Republic is considered to be one of the most promising and ambitious countries to invest. However, we`ve noticed new local investors who are entering the real estate industry and Prague completely dominated investment in Q1 2018. It`s impossible to deny the fact that Prague is the favored location among tourists all over the world. Real estate here provides owners and customers with rather big earnings and ambitions.

All in all, due to a reduced quantity of investment possibilities on the market one shouldn`t expect total investment to surpass the previous three years in terms of yearly volume.

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