Prestigious areas of Prague for real estate ownership

Deciding on a place to purchase real estate in the Czech Republic depends on personal preferences, on the goals of the investor and on the type of real estate. A great diversity of investment objects in Prague can confound even the most experienced entrepreneurs.

Where one could profitably buy commercial real estate?

Commonly, European buyers of retail space or hotels are guided by the areas of the capital which are liked by tourists. What, in accordance with opinion of the experts, is not always the best solution. The purchase of a commercial object “in the wide centre” of large cities is substantially more lucrative. Furthermore, warehouses are most profitable on the outskirts of large and industrial cities and along major highways which connect the Czech Republic with other European countries.

Where one could profitably purchase residential real estate?

Buying an apartment for yourself, you should focus on the details you consider the most essential. It`s undeniable that the majority of foreigners acquire housing in the central and residential areas of Prague and other large cities, in resort towns and villages. One must emphasize that they are pretty prepossessing in terms of rental. In case your primary concerns are investments and capital growth, you should concentrate on housing with high profitability, cost-effectiveness (payback period) and liquidity (growth potential in price). So in other words, try to focus on the housing that has no chances to lose high demand.

Speaking about appealing districts one needs to pay attention to, we should mention Dejvice, Vinohrady, Nove mesto, Stare mesto. Doubtless, real estate market experts stress the attractiveness of above mentioned districts. It is well-known for its historical background and beautiful architecture.

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