Real estate in Prague

Prague is one of the best cities to buy real estate

Real estate investments in Prague are considered the most promising and profitable among other European countries. This is largely due to the Czech government, which, after the country’s integration into the EU, began to actively introduce bills for the development of local businesses, as well as attracting foreign capital. The stably high growth of the economy, low inflation, unemployment attracts foreign investors with the opportunity to obtain high rates of return and liquidity of objects.

Interest in Prague is also due to the large flow of tourists who visit the city every year. This is an additional resource for profit. Very popular is the practice of acquiring small one-room apartments for renting to tourists. Owners of such housing receive annually up to 5-6% of the profits and fully pay back the investment.

Prague is one of the business capitals in Europe. The offices of international companies are located here, which allows entrepreneurs to scale their projects.

Why is it profitable to buy property in Prague?

We can suggest many factors that confirm the profitability of investing in local real estate, in particular, these are:

  • high profit: due to the favorable economic and political situation, the value of a real estate in the city has increased by 68% over the past year. Renting a home, office, cafe or bar for rent allows you to get high profits in a short time.
  • a wide selection of real estate: for an investor, Prague is a place with great opportunities for acquiring objects of various directions. Here you can buy an apartment, a house, an office, a cafe, a hotel, storage, retail, industrial premises, as well as luxury real estate (castles, villas).
  • the simplicity of the transaction: recently, real estate in Prague can be acquired not only by legal entities but also by individuals. It can be both locals and foreigners.
  • obtaining a Schengen visa: buying a property in Prague has a nice bonus. Each owner of the object automatically receives a Schengen visa for 90 days.
  • favorable lending conditions: banks offer to lend on the most favorable conditions – up to 3-3.5% per annum. These are rather low indicators among other European countries. As a rule, mortgages will be issued for 15-20 years before reaching retirement age. This trend is because residents are not interested in mortgages, so banks have large reserves for lending to entrepreneurs.

Real estate in Prague has wide advantages for everyone. Hurry up to buy property in Prague right now to already receive consistently high profits and successfully develop your business.

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