New opportunity in Commercial property in Prague

The Czech Republic has developed its real-estate market considerably. Particularly appealing for entrepreneurs from different countries, who are striving for making investments, is commercial property in the magnificent city Prague. No doubts, the main reason is that the presence of area for production capacity was expanded by a major government program. It was created in order to maintain the development and structure of brownfield regeneration, industrial zones and growth of speculative buildings. Significant Czech and international entrepreneurs are still looking for great possibilities to develop such spheres as industrial and business parks, logistics.

The representatives of our company have analyzed the situation on the marketplace and concluded that although investors from US and Germany accounted for a great proportion of the volume, exactly the investors from the Czech Republic and especially Prague were the most successful last year. Furthermore, the ideal combination of German, Czech and United States investors reported for 70 per cent of the utter volume of investments.

We`ve noticed the main trends of the current situation on the market. First and foremost, smaller investors should begin concentrating on variable segments, for example living placements for students, nursing homes or versatile warehouse areas. One of the primary concerns of the majority of investors will be industrial property. It`s the sphere of real estate where development is driven by the automotive industry and e-commerce. Investors are expected to be more ready to join ventures and portfolio transactions by some experts.

While intending to become the owner of real estate, entrepreneurs are quite vulnerable and able to become the victims of accounting fraud. When you buy directly from an owner, this may be less engaging than it seems to be, especially in case you are unaware of the regional property market. You may also have predicaments with the Czech language. The safest and most convenient way of buying commercial or any kinds of property is buying through an estate agent. He will ensure transparency and give the customers the whole service.

On the other hand, entrepreneurs can spend months in order to find a trustworthy real estate agency. No doubts, you`ll definitely need a hint from the friend, acquaintance or business partner you know well and who has experienced such process himself.

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