Investments in commercial real estate in the Czech Republic

Investments in commercial real estate in the Czech Republic are rather stable compared to other options: over the past five years, there have been no serious fluctuations that could adversely influence the entrepreneurs.

New thriving projects appear, the construction of already started commercial projects does not stop. Investing in Czech real estate helps the entrepreneurs save their own cash savings and keep them from inflation.

Considering law obligations, if the company wants to be considered legal, there is no need to enter into real contracts. There are no requirements in terms of yearly income. Additionally, it`s pretty convenient that the company’s balance sheet may be zero indefinitely. The most substantial thing to remember is that you need time to provide the required documents and records to inspection bodies.

Regarding choosing of a region, then Prague and Karlovy Vary are, of course, bestsellers. Furthermore, unexpectedly, the demand for property in South Bohemia — the traditional holiday destination of both Czechs, Austrians, and Germans — began to increase.

Nowadays thanks to auspicious taxation, considerable international firms are moving to Prague. This means that many foreign workers appear here and companies are looking for offices for them. Besides, existing companies keep on widening and renting new premises. Consequently, investments in commercial real estate are long-term profitable.

It’s significant for investors to be aware of that CBRE reports that in 2018, transactions with office and retail space accounted for approximately 90% of transactions on the investment market in the Czech Republic. The majority of the capital flows from the United States, Canada, South Africa and Europe.

Furthermore, investments in trading platforms accounted for 45% of the total investment in commercial real estate, and this sector claims to be the leader to this day. Commercial real estate is in demand, and one of the integral reasons is that salaries in the Czech Republic are increasing faster than inflation. Therefore, people are more solvent, and this has a positive impact on the development of this
market segment.

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