Czech Republic commercial real estate

Investment in commercial real estate in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic commercial real estate market continues to be an object of interest to entrepreneurs and a key destination for foreign investment. The main ways to make a profit is to resell a previously purchased property, lease or open a representative office.

Due to the active development of tourism in the Czech Republic, the demand for rental of service facilities such as shops, cafes, hotels, restaurants is growing annually. The great competition in this segment serves as a driver for making transactions in a short time. Thus, the purchased premises do not conceal, because finding a landlord is not very difficult. The owners of these objects earn up to 7% per annum of the investment. You can purchase an already functioning cafe or restaurant, thus reducing the time to start your project.

Czech Republic commercial real estate in the: where to invest better?

Market analysis and current trends in the development of international business make it possible to make forecasts regarding the growth of demand for certain types of commercial real estate. The most popular objects for purchase and rent in 2019-2020 will be:

  • оffices: IT companies, call centers, insurance, travel companies are the customers who are most interested in renting office space. Realtors note a new trend in the office real estate market, namely, the leasing of fully equipped premises for short-term rent. Tenants can pay for several hours of use for up to six months. This is especially true for startups that do not have the ability to rent an office on a permanent basis, as well as for entrepreneurs who test their business projects in the Czech Republic.
  • retail premises: the opening of clothing, footwear and grocery stores in the central tourist areas of the Czech Republic continues to be at the peak of popularity. There is also a new trend in this segment – the rental of so-called pop-up outlets for several weeks. Demand for modular trading pavilions, which are rented for one or more days, is also growing. As a rule, they are used for the presentation of any goods or services, public actions.
  • industrial buildings: if you are the owner of a logistics, production, construction company, pay attention to the size of the premises located in the regions of the Czech Republic.

Buying Czech Republic commercial real estate is a serious step, so we recommend that you consult with the appropriate experts in advance.

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