buying a hotel in the Czech Republic

Hotel in Prague is a profitable purchase

The hotel business is one of the most profitable in the real estate market in countries with high tourism potential. Prague is included in the ranking of the most visited places in the world due to its great historical and cultural heritage. People come here from different parts of the world to look at the Charles Bridge, take a walk on the old streets, and see the local sights. More than 8 thousand tourists come to Prague annually, of which 7.5 thousand stay for several days with accommodation at the hotel. These indicators continue to grow.

The tourist attraction of the country is the key reason why buying a hotel in the Czech Republic is a profitable investment. You have great opportunities in the country. You can buy a ready-made hotel with an established client base, a ready-made business plan, management, and staff. You can also go the other way and buy a building built specifically for the hotel and develop the project from scratch.

Why is buying a hotel in the Czech Republic profitable?

The government has made sure that foreign entrepreneurs have the opportunity to conduct a hotel business remotely through a manager. Buying a hotel in the Czech Republic, you get the following benefits:

  • High level of profitability: thanks to developed tourism, in the Czech Republic the profitability from owning a hotel is 10%, while in other European countries this indicator does not exceed 5-7%. A high rate of profit from the hotel business is characteristic both for the central regions of the country and for the outskirts.
  • Favorable purchase conditions: the entire transaction process lasts no more than six months, thanks to the simplified system of registration of the necessary documentation.
  • Possibility of acquiring a loan: Czech banks offer loyal conditions for obtaining a real estate loan. If in other European countries a mortgage is issued at 12-14%, in the Czech Republic the interest rate on the loan does not exceed 4%.

Buying a hotel in the Czech Republic is a serious decision that requires the help of specialists who can monitor the area, choose the most profitable hotel, and also help in the preparation of the necessary documentation.

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