European Commercial Real Estate Market Trends

To begin with, we`d like to designate that commerce is trade in goods and services. Respectively, commercial enterprises are companies which sell a physical or intellectual product produced by them or other subjects. The commercial real estate consists of objects that are involved in the sale process:

  • retail space;
  • public services enterprises;
  • warehouses;
  • offices;

The major peculiarity of the European economy is its stability, constancy and steady growth. The European market is acknowledged to be the richest in the world. Accordingly, the economic activity of participants in the commercial process is permanently up. Experts are of the opinion that it cannot be frozen even within periods of world crises. The latter economic blow was announced in 2008. Nevertheless, even then the European economy survived and strengthened. We can`t but mention the role of the Czech Republic in the situation. This country courageously got over times full of predicaments and kept moving forward and thriving even in 2008-2009.

The market of commercial real estate in Europe and each individual country of the Union is in a sustained condition. It does not suffer from sudden ups and downs. What is of utmost significance, the supply and demand situation is evolving smoothly. On the whole, one should notice a gradual development:

  • new facilities are being built;
  • rising requirement for commercial space;
  • in the major countries of the European Union there is an insufficiency of premises for commerce;
  • investors from Europe and the USA put up their capital in the regions of the most flourishing countries. There unforeseen abrupt changes in legislation, in politics and in the decline of living standards are out of the question.

Numerous specialists of the sphere admit that the most attractive commercial real estate markets are the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, etc.

Among the crucial EU countries, the Czech Republic is an exceptional phenomenon. It is turned out to be one of the most lucrative markets for investment. Nowadays, Czech commercial real estate is considered to be especially moneymaking by investors from many countries in Europe, in the USA and the CIS. The efficiency from the exploitation of commercial space even transcends the statistics of Great Britain and Germany. For instance, Prague and other cities of the Czech are beloved by investors, because they are profitable and transparent at the same time.

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