investment in Czech real estate

Czech Republic: a smart investment in a growing market

The Czech Republic has been in the limelight of attention of foreign business for the past few years. Local real estate has become a “tidbit” for entrepreneurs since the funds invested in objects pay off in a fairly short period and bring a steady profit to their owners. Experts consider investment in Czech real estate is one of the most profitable areas for the development of the entrepreneurial activity.

First of all, this trend is associated with the active development of the country’s economy. According to the International Monetary Fund, in 2019, the Czech economy grew by 3%. The good news: financial analysts predict a further improvement in the country’s financial situation in 2020.

The favorable microclimate in the real estate market is so determined by the presence of well-developed infrastructure. Since the Czech Republic is located in Central Europe, many large international companies are interested in acquiring office space to develop partnerships and maintain communication with other leading countries.

Investment in Czech real estate: which object to choose entrepreneur?

The uniqueness of the Czech Republic lies in the fact that both traditional and elite types of real estate are represented here, such as historic castles, cottages, and villas. Due to increased demand, the construction of new facilities is actively carried out in the country. According to statistics in 2019, more than 2500 apartments in new buildings were sold. The most popular objects for investment are:

  • apartments: objects located in Prague, Brno and other tourist cities have the greatest demand. naturally. The high rent is due to the arrival of tourists, foreign entrepreneurs who have branches of their companies in the country. Another advantageous investment destination is buying apartments in ski resorts, where tens of thousands of people from all over the world come for a vacation.
  • office premises: in the Czech Republic there remains a high demand for rental premises for companies in various fields of activity. The headquarters of many leading world companies are represented in the country, so elite business centers continue to be at the peak of demand. High rent for these objects, combined with their active demand – this is the possibility of the project payback in the shortest possible time.

Thus, investment in Czech real estate is a promising area for high income. The specialists of our company are always ready to help you and tell in more detail about the procedure for registration, acquisition of real estate in the Czech Republic.

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