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The Czech Republic is the place in the world that may be looked upon in a diversity of manners. It`s the heart of commerce and business, art and history, education. Nonetheless, if someone looks on it from above, he will be convinced that, first and foremost, Prague is a city of marvelous architecture. Analysts name it the major reason for entrepreneurs to buying objects in the capital of the Czech Republic.

Speaking about the economic situation, it`s highly expected to stay strong in 2019. Whilst salary costs are increasing, companies are proceeding to extend, and this is ambitious for the industrial and office segments.

As salaries are growing quicker than inflation, people have more disposable income which will positively affect the retail sector. The main aim of visiting, living and investing in Prague is that in spite of the extension of the downtown, the Czech Republic countryside contains a lot of resplendent conservation areas and national parks. Here it`s impossible not to enjoy the property, its location and neighbor buildings among flourishing nature and astounding historical background. So, it`s needless to say that the Czech Republic suggests ideal conditions for buying objects from different spheres of the real estate market.

In the 2nd quarter of 2018 was noticed 7.5% annual increase in house prices. Albeit costs are still growing, the Czech Republic is no longer known as the EU country with the quickest escalating house prices, in accordance with the recent information from Eurostat, the EU statistical office.

Nowadays many analytics and professionals in the sphere of investments emphasize the competitiveness and dynamism of the economic environment. One must admit that few steps are as decisive to success as selecting the ideal location for business. Having monitored the current rating of the most expensive countries in Europe, one may conclude that the Czech Republic with its areas and opportunities is rather a great variant.

Nowadays Portugal, Slovenia, and Ireland are the top 3 of the list, followed by such countries as Hungary, Latvia, and the Netherlands. The Czech Republic (especially including its capital, Prague) shares 7th place with Bulgaria.

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